Solutions include:

  • Service Management
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Win 10 Migration
  • Executive Reporting
  • Managing User Envirnoment

Service Management

Increasing demands from customer and end users is adding pressure to IT to perform better with lesser resources, in shorter time and faster.

Ivanti Service Management goes beyond your normal ITSM solution in the market. In addition to the OOTB ITIL based modules-Incident, Problem, Change, Service Catalog, CMDB, our Service  Management allows you to extend beyond IT provide services for HR, Payroll, Facilities Management, Claims and any other services that you can offer.

With highly configure workflow and automation capabilities, the platform will provide you with capabilities to automated repetitive process improving productivity. This allow IT to do more with less through automation.

Unified End Point

“You don’t know what you don’t know”

Often times, organisation lost track of their IT asset due to negligence, ignorance resulting in investing in excess assets.

Ivanti Unified End Point provides with you visibility to asset in your organisation through automated discovery. Using Ivanti UEM, you will be able to discover, provision, managed and retire assets with ease.

Windows 10 Migration

Looking at to migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

Ivanti suite of solutions provides you with a seamless way to migrate your user laptop, desktops to the new OS. Our solutions will help you migrate:

  • User profile
  • User’s data
  • Upgrade from Win7 to Win10 using your corporate Gold Image
  • Inject user’s application based on their profile

You can plan, prep, test and migrate user environment within our solution consoles.

Executive Reporting

Having multiple systems and database source and having trouble generating consolidated reports?

Ivanti xTraction solution consolidates data from multiple systems and provides you with a single pane view of various systems in your organisation into one dashboard. In addition,  xTraction can also automated sending of monthly reports to stake holders.

Managing User Environment

Need to manage user profile, apps and stop ransomware?

Ivanti solution’s user environment management features includes:

  • USB device Control
  • Managing approved applications on user workstations,laptops
  • Stop Ransomware
  • Evaluate administration rights to user to install applications when needed
  • Patch end points